Paris' Manor

Total immersion in a house infected by the plague that eats the zombies of this place. Not recommended for children under 12, with cardiac, epileptic disease and pregnant women. You will pass through pipes, disused kitchens, abandoned churches. The 23 maddening and scandalous pieces that await you in this unusual activity in Paris will mark you for a long time!

Price: from 22,5 euros / person

Address: 18 rue de Paradis, 75010 Paris


Shooting session at La Chapelle

Come and have a test session at the ANTP, the shooting range in Paris. Equipped with a helmet and protective goggles, you will initially find out what your head eye is, then you will be positioned to press the trigger. The guns are shot with long rifle, 38 special, 9mm para, 357 magnum (causing a flame at the end of the barrel).

Price: from 100 euros / person

Address: Shooting stand ANTP, Paris La Chapelle, 01 48 06 43 15


Brew your beer!


Brewing your own beer in Paris is now possible with La Beer Fabrique! Attention the concept is crazy! You will have the opportunity to brew your own beer with the help of specialists and you will also learn everything there is to know about beer. You will also have the right to a tasting of different artisan beers accompanied with cheese and charcuterie! Finally you can leave with your beer brewed and bottled by your care!

Location: La Beer Fabrique

Address: 6-10 Rue Guillaume Bertrand, 75011 Paris


Escape Game

We know that you can get out of all situations, but do not hesitate to test your limits with La Lock Academy!

Here is another test to try your will to actually go to the act. The concept is simple, we lock you! Rest assured you have 1h to solve the riddle and get out alive ... You can do it as a team or alone. But if you need more time it is possible to organize a whole weekend.

Address: 25 Rue Coquillière, 75001 Paris



Water skiing on the Seine


When leaving the office, put on the skis and become the Brice de Nice Parisian! The glide will take place between the bridge of Saint-Cloud and the bridge of Suresnes. You can go wake or ski (bi or mono).

Price: from 26 euros.

Address: CN19 - 28 Avenue Simon Bolivar (Headquarters) 75019 Paris, 06 03 91 96 92 - 01 42 03 25 24


Rocky Horror Show

During the screening of this film, the actors leave the screen and the scenario becomes reality! What happens on the screen, happens in the room. This show is part of the unusual activities flagship in Paris and takes place every Saturday evenings for 30 years.

Price: 9 euros

Address: 42 rue Galande, 75005 Paris - 01 43 54 72 71


Paris' Balloon

You've seen it all! It is the largest balloon in the world and its color varies according to the quality of the Parisian air. It is set 150 meters high. You can climb on it and contemplate the beautiful view during this unusual activity in Paris!

Price: from 12 euros / person.

Address: Parc André Citroën, 75005 Paris


Cruise on the Seine

Classical but still as beautiful, classy and romantic, a little trip on the seine is always a great time spent as a lover, with family or friends. The Green River Cruises company will offer its comfortable and luxurious "Pontoon Boats" for walks of 1 to 3 hours with possibilities of eating or having a drink.




Come play Tarzan at the exit of the metro: this tree climbing is in Paris (5 minutes from the door of Bercy)!

Price: 18 euros

Address: Parc Floral de Paris, route de la pyramide, 75012 Paris - 06 21 69 81 77


A ride in Limousine

Want to realize a princess dream? Will it play great class with the elected of his heart? To realize the perfect evening of the ball of the end of the year? It is possible with the agency Gabriel Limousine! It will put you in the hands of a gentleman driver and knowing Paris as his pocket to take you where you want it.




Come experience the excitement of a paintball game in a fierce war between friends and team on a battlefield 5min from the capital with paintball 75! A perfect activity for a birthday or a bachelor party, you can even dress up a disguise with certain formula.